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About the Conference

The Update Days: MAUI conference will present sessions in English from well-known experts from all over the world. MAUI, a new technology introduced by Microsoft, is a great successor to Xamarin, allowing you to develop Windows and Mac applications in addition to Android and iOS mobile applications.

This conference will focus on MAUI in depth. We have invited several experts from Microsoft who are involved in the development of this technology.

We will answer the questions of HOW to use the new features, HOW MAUI is developed, HOW teams at Microsoft solve performance problems, HOW the tooling has changed, and HOW you can deploy MAUI apps.

Hybrid conference

Update Days: the MAUI takes place in the Comfort Hotel Prague City East building at: Bečvářova 14, Praha – Strašnice.

You can also watch the conference online via live-stream on Update Now.

Interactive Live-stream

You can ask your questions during the lectures. At the end of each of them, time is reserved for answering the most interesting ones. The lecturer will then answer the remaining questions via the discussion zone.

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Session recordings

After the end of the conference, the recordings of the lectures will be available to all participants (with Regular Tickets and Online Tickets) via the portal Update Now for an unlimited period of time.

Available immediately after the conference
Available for an unlimited period of time

Speaker & Sessions

Experienced front-end experts will accompany you through the conference.

Gerald Versluis

Gerald Versluis

Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
Leomaris Reyes

Leomaris Reyes

Software Development Expert at Platzi
Pieter Nijs

Pieter Nijs

Microsoft MVP, Senior .NET Consultant @ Xpirit
Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty

Microsoft MVP, Popular book Author

Tickets & Registrations

Tickets and registration are on sale until the start of the conference. You can choose between attending in person at the conference venue or watching the live stream of all lectures online via the Update Now portal.

More information about tickets and payment options can be found on the Tickets page.